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I am a hobbyist solo Indie Game Developer from Poland, developing games in my spare time. If you took interest in my work or enjoyed my games - Thank You. I can't describe how satisfying it is knowing that what I do gives someone joy. Look below to check out the games I've released!

My Games

J-Jump Arena

A turn based, jumping elimination game where everything happens all at once! Predict your opponents' moves and plan your own wisely! Game which is easy to learn, but hard to master.

J-Jump arena is a turn-based game with variety of modes for both single player and multiplayer. Plan your moves wisely, as when the turn is up - everything happens all at once! Take part in a deadly Battle Royale with a broad arsenal of weapons, a peaceful golf-like Race, or a gem-collecting Treasure Hunt competition! Learn to be precise with your jumps and weapon handling, as well as in the art of outsmarting your opponents!

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Dark Roll

Dark Roll is a single player platform game, in which the player goes through a series of uniquely designed levels. Your agility will be tested along with your logic. Each level is planned to provide a different challenge. The further you'll get, the more you'll be surprised with what the game has to offer.

Pick one of many skins, even color it if you'd like, and roll your way through various worlds while taking on challenging levels. Collect gems, solve puzzles and face enemies, before finding the exit. Test yourself trying to obtain Steam achievements designed to extend the challenge that Dark Roll offers itself. Or play the Endless Roll mode, where you keep rolling on a procedurally generated road to get the best possible score on Steam Leaderboards.

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Dark Roll: Free Kick Challenge

A ball rolling game, where you take football free kicks. Single player challenges, Steam Leaderboards and ranked multiplayer. Free to play.

Dark Roll: Free Kick Challenge is a spin-off based on the original Dark Roll game. Free kick simulator, where you have to score goals, playing as an orb. Play alone to complete all the challenges, or score as many goals as you can and compete against others in Steam Leaderboards. Once you feel confident enough in your skills, you can face other players in a ranked multiplayer free kick shootout, where each player has 5 chances to score a goal. Complete various tasks to unlock more orbs, each having different parameters such as: size, speed, brake, power, swerve and jumping.

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